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Plan International is supporting children in Vietnam's Huong Hoa district in Quang Tri province,  with the construction of two new primary school classrooms, girl-friendly latrines, hand washing systems and an improved learning environment promoting gender equality and inclusive education. Through children groups, students are increasing their life skills and participating in issues that affect their lives such as gender equality, reproductive health, education for girls and discrimination.

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The mountainous district of Dolakha was at the epicenter of the second earthquake that hit Nepal on the 12th of May. 90 percent of all buildings have collapsed and 100 percent of peopleâs homes. The district has 400,000 inhabitants living in 41 isolated villages in the mountains. Some villages can only be reached by foot or helicopter.

âI was with my grandmother who was hanging laundry outside our house when the earth started to shake. I got so afraid and ran inside but my grandmother dragged me out. In the first earthquake our house got cracks and in the second the whole house collapsed. We lost our mattresses, clothes, carpets and rice. When the food distributions came to our village everyone started to fight. I carried home a big can of oil which was really slippery.â