Beirut – Emergency Appeal

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beirut explosion - emergency appeal

Thousands of children and their families are in desperate need of food, shelter and other vital assistance in the aftermath of the recent explosion in Beirut. 

The devastating blast in the city’s port area has left an estimated 300,000 people homeless, according to the government of Beirut.

With nearly 5,000 injured and many still missing, Plan International is particularly concerned for the wellbeing of children and adolescents who have lost or become separated from family, leaving them vulnerable to mental trauma, exploitation and gender-based violence.

Plan International is working with partners in Lebanon to urgently distribute food,
hygiene kits and other essential supplies to children and families whose lives have
been devastated by this crisis.

We are launching a rapid response to support some of the worst-hit families and children. Thousands of people are in desperate need of shelter, food, water and other vital assistance. We must act now.

In a city already reeling from economic crisis and the impact of coronavirus on an already overwhelmed health system; this is a crisis on top of a crisis. Living in these crowded conditions and shelters, social distancing simply isn’t an option.