Aoife Bennett

Graduate and MA Candidate


I remember baking scones and buns with my grandmother in the convent she worked in

Aoife is a 22 year old Journalism graduate living in Dublin. She is currently in the process of applying for an MA in Magazine Journalism in Cardiff.

Because I am a Girl I ask … For the right to choose what to do with my own body when/if I should fall pregnant.

Because I am a Girl I believe … That if you are patient, one day all the good things you are hoping for will come to you.

Because I am a Girl I hope … That I will be respected in my field enough to earn a similar wage to my male counterparts. I also hope that some day I will finally get into the MA degree I’ve had my eye on.

Because I am a Girl I wonder … If the Disney Princess you most identify with is actually based on your life story.

Because I am a Girl I dream … An awful lot about being in a grand, very fancy hotel with no way out, and I can never find the exit. This dream has come back to me a lot, but as yet I have no idea what it means.

Because I am a Girl I remember … Baking scones and buns with my grandmother in the convent she worked in the kitchen for. I used to be allowed to go up with her once a month as a treat, if I was very good.

Because I am a Girl I like … Puppies,  Chinese food, the colour yellow and kitten.

Because I am a Girl I dislike … That it’s assumed I have no idea about sports because I’m a girl. You don’t grow up in my family and not know sports.

Because I am a Girl I feel … Angry at the thought women across the country, across the world, are judged and scorned for making what they believe is the right choice for them when it comes to unwanted pregnancies, arranged marriage, education or living arrangements.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… In a completely low key way- food, tea and crap films on Netflix.

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