Aoife Ryan

Suspended Coffee


Aoife Ryan; from Dublin working as a teacher in a special school for children and young people since 2001 and as a part time student in DCU studying Education and Training. I began the Suspended Coffee Ireland initiative a year ago and what a super response I’ve gotten from coffee shops since it has started!

Because I am a Girl I ask … More and more people get behind as many opportunities offered to them as possible, you only live once and life is not a rehearsal!

Because I am a Girl I believe…Smiling at a stranger everyday can only be a good thing!

Because I am a Girl I hope…The most vulnerable in our society get a better chance

Because I am a Girl I wonder about… How many more shops will join the Suspended Coffee Ireland Initiative to make our little country a nicer place for all to enjoy a cup of coffee bought by a stranger!

Because I am a Girl I dream about… Things getting better and equal rights becoming a normality!

Because I am a Girl I remember… Warm summers, playing out with friends from morning to night and never feeling tired or hungry to go home until I was called in for bed!

Because I am a Girl I like… laughing, having fun and not taking things too seriously

Because I am a Girl I dislike…. seeing young girls putting on a performance, lots of years to do that when they are older, be young and have fun!

Because I am a Girl I feel… Very lucky to have great friends, a super supportive  family and 3 handsome nephews and 1 beautiful niece

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…. that I’m a girl!!!

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