Barbara Scully

Writer, blogger and media contributor


 Barbara Scully is a freelance writer, blogger and media contributor from Cabinteely in South Dublin.  Having spent the last ten years at home raising her children, Barbara previously worked as PRO for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and prior to that was in the travel business.

Barbara is an opinion and feature writer and has been published in The Irish Times, The Sunday Independent and The Examiner newspapers.  She has also written for Irish Tatler, Woman’s Way and various interiors magazines.  Barbara has had stories published in three anthologies, namely A Pint and a Haircut – True Irish Stories for Haiti, The Quiet Corner – 10 years of new Irish writing on Lyric FM and the latest Sunday Miscellany Collection – 2008 – 2011.

Barbara’s weekly blog is called From My Kitchen Table and features her unique view of life as seen from her office (otherwise known as her kitchen) deep in suburbia.  At times reflective, at times belligerent and often joyous Barbara is a natural optimist with colourful opinions on most things. Barbara is a regular contributor to programmes across most stations, including Newstalk, RTE, East Coast Radio, Q102 and 4FM.  She is an occasional newspaper reviewer for the Tonight with Vincent Browne programme and is also one of the regular panelists Midday programme – both on TV3.

I should preface this exercise by stating loud and proud that I am not a girl.. I AM MOST DEFINITELY A WOMAN…. who has reached her half century.

Because I am a girl…I ask where are the role models for today’s girls?  And I come to the conclusion that it is up to the women, the mothers and grandmothers, the aunts and godmothers to be just that; because all around them girls are bombarded with messages that their worth is intrinsically linked to their appearance.  The women in their lives must show the girls that this is not so.

Because I am a girl… I believe that girls are different to boys, women are different to men.  We are equal but different.  I sometimes worry that in our rush to ensure gender equality we forget that.

Because I am a girl……I hope – always.  Never lose hope.  There is always hope.

Because I am a girl…..I wonder at the beauty of this planet and most especially of this country.  When all around seems dark and hopeless, get out into nature and just breathe the clean air, listen to the sounds of nature and feel the life force pulsing all around you.  Delight in the wonder of it all.

Because I am a girl….I dream the most amazing and spectacular dreams.  I dream at night but I also dream while awake.  I dream of all that I want to be and see and experience.  I hold those visions close to my heart.

Because I am a girl…..I remember the moment I first held each of my three daughters and felt the wonderful gift I had been given.  I am thankful for the gifts each has brought into my life and the lessons they continue to teach me every day.

Because I am a girl…..I like to nurture those I love with a comfortable safe place to call home and food made with love to nourish them.

Because I am a girl……I dislike referring to myself as a girl.  A girl is a child.

Because I am a girl…..I feel strong, powerful, capable and joyous…  most of the time.

Because I am a girl…I celebrate Life!

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