Caitriona Daly



“Being a feminist is not defined by being unfeminine nor is it defined by being feminine.”

Caitriona Daly is a playwright from Dublin. She tweets at @caitrionadaly and blogs at medium.com/@caitrionadaly

Because I am a Girl I ask …that everyone be incredibly sound to everyone else, please.

Because I am a Girl I believe …in the power of the people and Tina Fey and by proxy, Oprah.

Because I am a Girl I hope … that people continue to get angry and fight for what they believe in, otherwise we haven’t a hope, they’ll make drones out of all of us. Apathy and resignation are a country’s worst nightmare. I hope Ireland gets a bit more feisty soon, she deserves it.

Because I am a Girl I wonder …what ‘fleek’ means and how people use it as if it’s a real word.  It sounds like it’s the name of a kids’ cartoon character.

Because I am a Girl I dream …about weird stuff really. Last night’s dream featured a rollercoaster made entirely of Volkswagen Polos and sandwiches. Make of that what you will. Sandwiches.

Because I am a Girl I remember …being delighted when I got my period, it was like I had joined a special members club. If I remember correctly, I kept trying to drop it into conversation whenever I could: “Oh haven’t you heard? Yes, I’m a woman now you know…” I was then promptly called a weirdo and told it wasn’t normal to talk about periods, it made people feel uncomfortable and I was to stop bringing it up all the time.

As evidenced by this blog post; I did not.

Because I am a Girl I like …clothes and make up and getting dressed up and I don’t do it so people will shower me with compliments or men will growl at me, I do it for me and me alone. Being a feminist is not defined by being unfeminine nor is it defined by being feminine. I reserve the right to scream “Down with the patriarchy!” in my stilettos and red lipstick if I should so wish. The world is a contradiction, embrace it.

Because I am a Girl I dislike …Internet trolls, it’s a pretty spineless way to express an opinion. It’s not even worth discussing though, don’t feed the monster.

Because I am a Girl I feel …Blessed and lucky for my circumstances in life and blessed and lucky that those circumstances put me in a position to affect change for others who have not been afforded the same.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…My body. I celebrate my boobs and bum, my jowl and belly, my scars and cellulite, my moles and marks, my several chins and my freckled face. I accept it and celebrate it for all it is as it is all I have. It is my responsibility to look after it and to love it for what it is. My body does not belong in a constitution nor does my future belong in the hands of anyone else’s but my own. If I choose to love and not to mother the choice is mine and I am not a criminal. It seems irrational to have to ask but please, Ireland, repeal the 8th amendment.

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Just some of the Issues Facing Girls in the developing World Today

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Girls become child brides
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