Ciara Plunkett

News Editor at Kfm Radio


I remember always, my mother. Her resilience, strength and fortitude are ever a beacon for me”

Ciara Plunkett is the News Editor at Kfm Radio, Kildare. She also presents the station’s daily lifestyle and magazine programme, “Kildare Focus”, is co-presenter of the agri-business and rural affairs show, “Country Matters”, and is locum presenter of the station’s flagship current affairs programme, Kildare Today. Ciara has a Masters in Journalism from DCU, a BA in Politics and Philosophy from DCU, and a diploma in PR, Advertising and Marketing from DBS. She is member of the News and Talk Sub Committee of the radio industry training body, Learningwaves, and is a trained adult literacy tutor.

Because I am a Girl I ask … why it is that so few of us have been able to shine in our chosen fields, without first having to forge our own hammers to shatter someone else’s glass ceiling.

Because I am a Girl I believe … that one gender’s stereotyping of the other is damaging to everyone, and ultimately, hobbles us all.  Perpetuating these clichés is a matter of conscious choice; it is up to each and every one of us to have a vision of gender that is without constraint.

Because I am a Girl I hope …that the day finally dawns where debate about gender quotas & positive gender discrimination is a long distant memory, because equal representation of both genders in all layers of society has been achieved.

Because I am a Girl I wonder… What the little girls of today will say to their daughters about how their foremothers fought to be accorded parity of esteem, and whether, on that hazy date, it will have been achieved.

Because I am a Girl I dream… Sometimes, of trivial things; dresses and chocolate and a really good red wine. I also dream of what the endeavours like the Rosetta mission represent, its collaborative nature, and that, boldly going, it is indicative of our true potential.

Because I am a Girl I remember… Always, my mother. Her resilience, strength and fortitude are ever a beacon for me. Her independence of spirit is staggering, and, I hope, I have learned some measure of that.

Because I am a Girl I dislike … the unconscious chauvinism with which society is riven. It is more difficult to confront and over-come than its conscious counterpart, because those who display it are frequently unaware, and indeed, may be unable to acknowledge, that their actions seek to belittle another person.

Because I am a Girl I feel … That I am privileged, in the education that was afforded to me, in the job that I do, and in the incredible people with whom I get to spend my days.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… People, their complexity, their light and dark. I celebrate that in each of us, there is the capacity for courage and nobility, for mercy and joy, for creativity, for evolution and for joie de vivre.


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