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“Because I am a girl I believe you make your own luck. Anything is possible if you know what you want and work hard at making it happen”

Elizabeth Rose Murray lives in rural Ireland where she fishes, grows her own vegetables and lives for adventures and words. The Book of Learning, (Nine Lives Trilogy Book One), is to be published by Mercier Press in August 2015. Follow Elizabeth on twitter at @ERMurray, Facebook or visit her Green Fingered Writer blog www.ermurray.wordpress.com to find out what she’s up to next.

Because I am a girl I ask… to hear and to be heard. There is so much noise in the world today – listening is a great skill. We should all use it more often.

Because I am a girl I believe… you make your own luck. Anything is possible if you know what you want and work hard at making it happen. It means being open to ideas and opportunities and not giving up when things get tough – and it’s worth it in the end.

Because I am a girl I hope… that we can start making the world a safer place for everyone. Hostility breeds hostility; we have to start by looking at our own behaviour rather than focusing on that of others. A kindness, however small, always has a ripple effect.

Because I am a girl I wonder… what opportunities are around the next corner and what the world will teach me next.

Because I am a girl I dream… as big and brightly as I can. To me, that’s what dreams are for – and just because they’re big and bright, it doesn’t mean they’re out of reach!

Because I am a girl I remember… past hurts, past failings, and many, many wrong decisions – but I don’t feel bad about them. Things can’t always go according to plan, but you cannot alter the past and you have to make mistakes to grow. You can even correct most of them if you try. Remember this and you’ll be able to live without regret.

Because I am a girl I like… escaping into books, walking in the rain, scented candles, digging in dirt, eating homegrown veggies, cuddling up to my dog, trying anything once, picking winkles, parties where I don’t know anyone, flying to new countries, city lights, swimming underwater, birdsong, & the lovely feeling of wearing a new pair of pyjamas.

Because I am a girl I dislike… blame, guilt, grudges and excuses. They’re all such negative emotions and only have a negative impact. We’re all capable of understanding other viewpoints, of forgiveness, of making our own decisions – so the sooner we all start taking responsibility for ourselves, the better.

Because I am a girl I feel… like we all have a role to play, however small, in the world – so we might as well make it a positive one and help the world to be a happier place.

Because I am a girl I celebrate… the small things, especially small kindnesses, because these things really matter.

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