Geraldine Herbert

Motoring Journalist


“I ask why cars and technology are considered boys toys; a belief consistently reflected in marketing campaigns”

Geraldine Herbert is Motoring Correspondent with the Sunday Independent and editor and founder of Ireland’s first and only motoring site for women, wheelsforwomen.ie . She holds a First class Honours degree from Trinity College where she graduated first in her class in Business and Information Technology. She later completed a M.Phil in Computational Linguistics as a Foundation Scholar of the College and was awarded an IRSCET scholarship to undertake a Phd in Computer Science.

Because I am a Girl I ask …why cars and technology are considered boys toys; a belief consistently reflected in marketing campaigns

Because I am a Girl I believe … we should all the same opportunities in life regardless of our gender and that discrimination should be a thing of the past.

Because I am a Girl I hope …that my two sons grow up in a world where there is equality for all.

Because I am a Girl I wonder… why in 2015 do L’Oreal think a Campaign for women with a tagline “ maths was never my thing” is acceptable?

Because I am a Girl I dream … that the time will come when bill boards, advertising images, magazine articles etc will portray women as strong and confident in place of the current negative messages  of perfection defined by photoshopped models in fashion magazines

Because I am a Girl I like … the sound of a deep, husky, resonant exhaust and the promise of the open road

Because I am a Girl I dislike … that I am judged so often on how I look and how I dress and often the harshest critics are other women.

Because I am a Girl I feel …dismayed that despite the fact that research suggests that women make up anywhere between 65 to 80% of the car buying, servicing and maintenance decisions we are still largely ignored by the motoring industry.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… the women who have gone before me, from all walks of life and fought for my rights


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