Helen McCormack

Events Director “Women on Air”


Helen McCormack is a self identified media nerd – she began her career in Newstalk working as a researcher on the Orla Barry show before moving to 4FM where she produced Tom McGurk’s current affairs progamme. She’s still an obsessive radio listener but now works as Communications Officer with the Simon Community. She’s also the Director of Events at Women on Air. She loves books, talk radio, baking, current affairs, Twitter, al fresco meals and a good natter.

Because I am a Girl I ask … why the Government is taxing maternity benefit.

Because I am a Girl I believe …that you should love what you do, whatever that is.

Because I am a Girl I hope …that one day we will have complete freedom of choice

Because I am a Girl I wonder …why it is that women don’t put themselves forward in the way that men are willing to do? And how can we change that?

Because I am a Girl I dream…that our education system will do more to encourage women to be leaders, to be smart, engaged, opinionated and to own their choices.

Because I am a Girl I remember …that I have amazing role models from different walks of life. My grandmother, who had the strength to move her family across the country to keep them together when work was scarce, my mum, who dispensed love and wisdom as a stay at home parent  and my friends who share what they’re learning as they walk their own paths through life.

Because I am a Girl I like …what Women On Air is trying to achieve – providing women with opportunities in network and training in order to have a more balanced representation of gender on the airwaves.

Because I am a Girl I feel …very blessed to have been born and raised in a culture that gives me relative freedom and choice.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… My considerate, smart, chatty, funny, opinionated girlfriends. They inspire me. Also my Granny who recently turned 90 and when asked what her birthday wish was, replied that she had everything she could wish for but if there was one thing she’d like to do it would be to go to a dance.

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