Jane Feighery

Relationship Manager Linkedin


Jane Feighery is a Relationship Manager at LinkedIn, working with clients in Ireland, the UK and Latin America from the company’s EMEA Headquarters in Dublin. Originally from Luttrellstown in Dublin, she began studies in violin performance at the Royal Northern College of Music Manchester in 2005, and then moved to the University of Manchester where she completed an undergraduate degree in French and Spanish. During and after her studies she spent several years between France and Spain, teaching English and working with Bord Bia. She is passionate about languages, Ashtanga yoga, reading, travelling and, of course, LinkedIn!

Because I am a girl I ask … that my gender never restrict the opportunities that come my way, and that educational systems and legal structures be created to ensure that women around the world are given equal opportunities and treatment in all aspects of life.

Because I am a girl I believe … that the increasing presence of strong women leaders broaching the sensitive topic of work/life balance will encourage women experiencing similar challenges to contest the status quo and outdated attitudes.

Because I am a girl I hope … that Plan Ireland’s excellent work will continue to grow and develop, and make a real difference in countries where women are still considered second-class citizens and have little control over their destinies. We need to empower young girls to create brighter futures for themselves by staying in school.

Because I am a girl I wonder … what will happen to religions that resist the demands of modern society and refuse to see women and men as equals. Will they survive in educated societies?

Because I am a girl I dream … of having everything – a successful career, healthy children, a beautiful home and partner/husband, and an amazing wardrobe. All within the next 5-10 years of course!

Because I am a girl I remember … my parents not allowing me have Barbie as a child based on her not being a good female role-model! I remember being outraged at this, and particularly so when my little brother amassed a collection of Barbies a few years later! In retrospect of course I am eternally grateful to my parents for not treating me or my sister like little princesses or my brothers like little princes. Little girls need to have bigger dreams than to be like Barbie when they grow up!

Because I am a girl I like … and get a lot of pleasure out of making good ‘investments’ in beautiful clothes, shoes, bags etc. and then treasuring them for years until they finally fall apart.

Because I am a girl I dislike … any type of sexist behaviour in the workplace. I am fortunate to work in a company where such behaviour is unacceptable, and where we have lots of strong female role-models to aspire to.

Because I am a girl I feel … grateful and lucky to have been born in Ireland in the 80s. Things are starting to change for women in Ireland, we are fighting our corner, and I feel grateful that my generation of Irish women will have more choices than Irish women did in generations past.

Because I am a girl I celebrate … women like Sheryl Sandberg and Jasvinder Sanghera who are fearless in defending their beliefs and telling their stories. I read Jasvinder Sanghera’s book ‘Shame’ several years ago, and found her story and the campaign work she has done to prevent forced marriage in the UK both inspiring and eye-opening.  Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ is a must-read for women everywhere.  She uses a combination of research and anecdotes from her own career to give a transparent view on how women need to stop doubting their potential and start ‘leaning in’ and ‘sitting at the table’. Sheryl offers practical advice on how women should embrace opportunities and believe in themselves to make the world a more equal place.

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