Laura Jayne Halton

Fashion Designer and Visual Artist


“I wonder will I ever see a female Taoiseach at the helm?” 

Laura Jayne Halton is an Irish Fashion Designer and Visual Artist. Her couture espouses a design philosophy which encapsulates the essence of the female silhouette through a fusion of classic and contemporary elegance. Laura Jayne has been on the shortlist at The Irish Fashion Innovation Awards as well as the Winner of the One to Watch at KFW and a national finalist at the Peroni Moda Awards. Her innovative ethos has created a diverse portfolio of work ranging from illustrations for Sarah Jessica Parker, interior design in Midtown Manhattan, dressing Ireland’s first female ambassador to the USA Anne Anderson and creating a gown for the Academy Awards red Carpet. Her work has been well received and given acclaim in National media as well as having featured in International publications such as The Robb Report, Vogue Italia, New York Magazine, Huffington Post Style and the Washington Post. www.laurajaynehalton.com 

Because I am a Girl I ask … to be heard and respected-in fact I demand it and because I am a Girl I would also ask that this does not get confused with being aggressive, bossy or rude. That should not come into question but at times I have seen genuine surprise in some people when I have not allowed myself to be used as a doormat, sad but true.

Because I am a Girl I believe … Ireland’s justice system needs a serious overhaul when it comes to the sentencing of convicted sexual offenders. It is FAR too lenient for a crime so utterly heinous and devastating to the lives of the victims. Violent rapists being freed early from an already lenient sentence is the ultimate insult to the victim and every single girl and woman in the country.

Because I am a Girl I hope …that I can inspire other women the way that I have been inspired by those before me and by my peers around me. I also hope that I remember more often that I am lucky-that despite the wrong doings in my own country by those in power who have horrendously abused their positions, I still have the opportunity to have a career, to vote, to love who I want, to be educated, to have a family that supports me and the right to choose what I wear.

Because I am a Girl I wonder ... will I ever see a female Taoiseach take the helm?

Because I am a Girl I dream …constantly…I hope life never gets to the point where my ability to dream is weakened, for dreams are the roots from which I grow my reality and they are untouchable because they are only my own.

Because I am a Girl I remember ... my childhood, the good and the bad. I wish I could visit both memories, the bad for when I wish I had been stronger and stood up for myself but with the understanding now that those who were hurting others were obviously hurting themselves-and back to the good times, in Mayo with my Granny sitting outside doing paintings of the hills and eating apples dipped in sugar, life was so simple.

Because I am a Girl I like ... Fashion-I love the dynamic created by such a variety of both men and women working in the industry, I look forward to the day when there is no more discrimination or stereotyping based on gender in the workplace no matter what the chosen career of a person is.

Because I am a Girl I dislike …  Begrudgers. It’s not limited to women putting other women down which is sad enough in itself, it’s a massive problem in Ireland, all one has to do is read the comments on a thread of the Irish Times or Independent, be it about Bono, or any successful figure from Ireland who is doing well for themselves but have also chosen to help others with their standing in society, instead of praise they get cursed! “United we stand…”

Because I am a Girl I feel … that the old conforms of society are still alive and well when it comes to being a woman-men do not necessarily get questioned about “age, settling down, biological clocks” and this attitude should be packed up and posted to the dark ages where it belongs. It all comes down to individual choice-be yourself.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate...femininity! It is a constant source of inspiration for my work, embracing it is part of the ethos upon which I have built my brand. Women are a powerful force of nature and beauty and this is something precious worth celebrating.

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