Laurie Mannix

Public Relations Professional


Laurie Mannix is a founder and director of MKC Communications, one of Ireland’s leading public relations and public affairs companies.  She advises CEOs and senior management teams on strategic communications.  She grew up in a house where her father and brother were outnumbered by seven strong women!

Because I am a Girl I ask … why not?

Because I am a Girl I believe … that despite the many examples of man’s inhumanity to man, people are innately good.

Because I am a Girl I hope …that in the future young people will be asking ‘what was a glass ceiling?’

Because I am a Girl I wonder … if, with a record 32 female TDs elected, we will see more compassion and action from our new Government on social issues such as the international refugee crisis and the homelessness crisis in our own country.

Because I am a Girl I dream … of a world without war.

Because I am a Girl I remember … the day when bemoaning my lack of funds, I announced that I wanted to ‘marry a man with money’. My father’s response, ‘Don’t marry it, make it’! was an expression of confidence in me and the fact that neither I nor any of his six daughters should limit their ambitions.

Because I am a Girl I like… that we are seeing more women in senior positions throughout the business world, acting as role models for the next generation.

Because I am a Girl I dislike … the pressure popular culture still puts on young girls to believe that they will only be happy if they are in a relationship or get married.

Because I am a Girl I feel privileged to …lead the life I lead.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate …my Mom, the woman who inspires me every day.

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