Lisa Haskins

Founder & Editor of Women’s Sports Journal


Lisa Haskins (born January 22nd 1989 in Dublin, Ireland) is the Founder and Editor of Women’s Sports Journal (WSJ): a successful website solely dedicated to publishing news on women’s sports and promoting female athletics within Ireland. Lisa is the first woman to create a website in Ireland that focuses solely on women’s athletics using media management and print journalism skills she developed in Ballyfermot College, Dublin.

Lisa was nominated for a National Student Media Award this year for Women’s Sports Journal; which was launched in January. Graduating from college this year Lisa will obtain an Honours Degree in Media Production Management from Dublin City University (DCU). Her articles have been printed in local and national papers and her dream goal is to have a career based around her obsession with travelling and adventure.

Because I am a Girl I ask … for reasons; reasons for why I must behave in a certain manner and shy away from ideas and opportunities too bold or adventurous for a woman. Reasons for why it is not right to speak out about certain things and reasoning for why I must be a mother and carer to those that can’t see me becoming much else.

Because I am a Girl I believe … that we are in a new age where none of the old fashioned stereotypes, beliefs and rules should separate genders. I believe that people should have respect for one another and themselves as individuals but I also believe that the world has been fed and idea of what is normal and when fighting against a global ideology you need a lot of force, strong enough to pursue a change.

Because I am a Girl I hope … to make a change. I think the changes you make in the world come from the changes you make within yourself. If you decide to be mean, hateful, weak and spiteful that is all you will ever create: if you are good, respectful and strong-willed you will, without knowing, share that throughout. I would like to see a change in how women are represented. I hate seeing women be portrayed as victims all the time.

Because I am a Girl I wonder … If the media made a change in how women and men are represented would it change the way people view both sexes? Men are afraid to be ‘feminine’ and women are afraid to be ‘Dominant’. Men are just as much a victim of the media as are women and I don’t think enough feminists stress that; which may be part of the reason as to why Feminism has become a ‘dirty word’. Respect should be shown to men by women and vice versa. Most stories in women’s magazines show women being victims be it through their image, weight, rape or inequality: if you pick up a man’s magazine you will see success stories, solutions to problems, a how to guide etc. Women need to stop playing the victim card and start promoting a stronger image.

Because I am a Girl I dream … I don’t dream of things I want, if I want something I start trying to get it immediately. I dream only when I am asleep and those dreams are too creative to discuss without sounding absolutely mad!!!

Because I am a Girl I remember … to always do the opposite to whatever my Dad tells me!!! 😉

Because I am a Girl I like … various sports… recently starting archery, adventure and travelling: I could talk about all the places I want to see from morning until night for months on end like Bubba talking about shrimp in Forest Gump.

Because I am a Girl I dislike … routine, a routine is something consistent that never changes; I could not live until I am old and grey doing the same thing. Even if my life was perfect I would still need to do something new. Life is too short for routines. I also dislike needing to rely on people, I know this is a must in life but it gets to me when I can’t do something myself I need to learn how.

Because I am a Girl I feel … empowered. When women email me thanking me for creating WSJ it makes me want to do more and there is a sense of pride I now have for myself which I didn’t have before. I always doubted myself; now I know never to do that again, question maybe, but never doubt what you feel is right.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… the exact same things men celebrate because I am a person not because I am a girl….woman.

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