Mary Carty



“Because I am a Girl I remember my Grandfather; my greatest mentor and best friend”

Mary Carty is an award winning entrepreneur with a background in the arts, education and technology. Working with leading international companies, cultural institutions and non-profits, Mary is a recognised leader in the startup space. Her passion is bringing entrepreneurial thinking to the creative sector; to create self-sustaining models for the next generation of artists, organisations and audience. CEO of BAFTA nominated digital agency, Spoiltchild. Mary also works with STEMettes, a non-profit, working to promote STEM careers for young women across the UK and Ireland.

Because I am a Girl I ask……. to be treated with respect for who I am. Not for what I look like or how I should behave or what’s expected of me. I ask to be given the freedom and acceptance to be as I am and the help to create a better word for all.

Because I am a Girl I believe…….. that everyone has an equal voice and an equal share. I believe there is more than enough for everyone if we share our time and resources.

Because I am a Girl I hope………. to give voice and help others less fortunate. I hope to listen, teach by example and share my experiences honestly. I hope to be wise and humble, and always a good friend.

Because I am a Girl I wonder………. what the future will bring. What would happen if we did not have to solve problems of inequality and poverty? That would be an amazing legacy for our generation to leave behind.

Because I am a Girl I dream……… that access to education, at all levels, is open to girls across the world. Money or gender should never be a barrier to education.

Because I am a Girl I remember…….. my Grandfather; my greatest mentor and best friend.  He taught me that curiosity is a great thing, a gift to be cherished and exercised often.

Because I am a Girl I like…….. living now; embracing life and reaching out to people across the globe. I like knowing that every day is a new adventure; a conversation today or a chance meeting tomorrow, may open a door that will change everything.

Because I am a Girl I dislike…….. the way we continue to raise our girls. Too many parents want “safe” careers for their daughters. At a time when permanent jobs are a thing of the past; skills and education are the safety nets. Education brings opportunities and rewards, fun, challenges and growth. In an ever changing word, moving faster with technology, we will serve our girls much better to give them confidence in their abilities to face whatever the future brings.

Because I am a Girl I feel…… passionate about supporting those who have the courage to speak out against injustice; often at huge personal cost. These people are my heroes.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…… the wonderful people in my life; my family and friends, my husband and my son. I am know I am one of the very lucky ones and I never want to take it for granted.

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