Michelle Jackson

Author and Teacher


Michelle Jackson is the author of six bestselling novels published by Poolbeg Press and translated internationally. In 2010 she co-wrote the non-fiction book ‘What Women Know’. She contributes articles on a variety of topics to the Irish Independent and Irish Examiner and writes travel features for the Irish Mail on Sunday and the Sunday World. She has been a secondary school teacher for over twenty years. Michelle is a panelist on the Midday show on TV3.

Because I am a Girl I ask …why in the 21st century is there still so much greed and poverty in the world and why can’t it be changed with more efficient organisation.

Because I am a Girl I believe …that there is an awareness and sense of responsibility growing inside some people that will spread and make the world a more enlightened place in the future. Communities that have put ordinary people and a more equal gender balance into positions of power like Iceland and Finland have proven this. I also believe that education is vital and a basic human right for all children.

Because I am a Girl I hope …that I can do my part to make the world a better and more beautiful place by helping those who cross my path and by doing my best. I hope to see as much of the planet as I can by travelling and bringing stories to people that will inspire, comfort and entertain.

Because I am a Girl I wonder …why with the evidence of mistakes that have been made in history like wars and slavery we chose to repeat these instead of learning from them? I quote Hegel the German philosopher – the only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history!

Because I am a Girl I dream …of a world where my children can feel safe and secure as children and grow without fear of corruption or violence with equality for all – not just gender equality.

Because I am a Girl I remember … Being pregnant and giving birth and the wonderful power and creativity involved in growing a new life inside my body and I wish that this most blessed and sacred of experiences was revered equally by all societies.

Because I am a Girl I like … To be loved, hugged, educated and inspired but I also like to have fun.

Because I am a Girl I dislike …seeing women around the world being abused, used, restricted by their sex, mutilated or condemned to child marriage and such activities that should no longer be practiced in this century. I find the practice of FGM especially abhorrent. I also dislike that there is so much distinction between boys and girls instead of a natural acceptance that we are all human beings.

Because I am a Girl I feel …good when I receive positive energy from those that I come in contact with and happy to give it in return. I feel inspired when I travel and meet new people and love the power of coincidences in life.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…the wonderful achievements and good things that we enjoy in this life. I celebrate how lucky I am to be able to experience living on this beautiful planet.

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