Michelle Rudden

Entrepreneur/owner @ Funky Crayons


“…..I dislike when a girl or woman’s gender is used as an extra adjective on announcing their successes…..”

Because I am a Girl I ask ...how things work. I’ve always loved taking things apart to see how they work. From objects to systems, language and even people’s behaviours, I think it’s easier to come up with solutions if you understand the inner workings of something.

Because I am a Girl I believe … that I can do anything. But sometimes I think I can do everything. I’ve realised in recent years that it’s ok to ask for help rather than overload yourself.

Because I am a Girl I hope …that one day we will all have the freedom to express ourselves without fear. I hope that everyone will have the same rights to marry whoever they love and be protected with the same rights and entitlements.I hope that all genders and sexualities will be considered “normal”

Because I am a Girl I wonder ...what my ancestors would think of how far we’ve come in terms of social change, technology, infrastructure etc. I wonder how many of what we call breakthroughs would they see as genuinely beneficial. On the same note, I wonder what changes I will see in the world in my lifetime.

Because I am a Girl I dream …BIG! I keep my big goals in mind all the time and when little problems crop up along the way I remember the big picture and that all the little roadbumps just make the journey more interesting. There are no limits to imagination so why not dream BIG

Because I am a Girl I remember … the moment I realised I was being treated differently based on being a girl. The parish priest spoke to our co-ed class about signing up to be altar servers. I stuck my hand up and asked why girls couldn’t serve mass. He said he would check with the bishop but he had no answer for me. He duly did check with the bishop and I became the first girl altar server. I have since left Catholicism behind me but that memory of spotting the inequality and doing something about it has always stayed with me.

Because I am a Girl I like … bringing all of myself to any project. I like the feeling of knowing that I gave my very best efforts and was the best me I could be that day. I like to put my personality into everything I do from having fun to doing work.

Because I am a Girl I dislike ...when a girl or woman’s gender is used as an extra adjective on announcing their successes. It’s like she achieved something in spite of being female. I prefer to just hear about the person’s story and achievement.

Because I am a Girl I feel … many emotions in any given day. Life is a rollercoaster of feelings. Some are down to how my thought processes have worked something out, some are down to hormones, some are even affected by the weather. I have learned to recognise my different triggers for different emotions and manage them accordingly. When I feel in control of my own world I can help others and be my best self.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…children. They are the future and all hope lies with them. We can learn so much from their innocence and their way of looking at the world around them. Their innocence should be protected and their own unique selves celebrated and nurtured. Every child in the world should believe they are capable of anything and then encouraged to try.

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