Michelle Daly

Lecturer in Journalism & Sound Engineering


“Every victory, every woman who stands up and says, ‘This is me. Don’t tell me who I am. Don’t tell me I can’t..”

Michelle Daly is a lecturer in Journalism and Sound Engineering and is a Public Relations Officer in the Further Education sector. She uses social media and digital marketing to run a non- profit record label that provides exposure for unsigned musicians.

Because I am a Girl I ask…..Why does it matter that I’m female? I’m a human being. Why do you even think of gender ? I don’t.

Because I am a Girl I believe… That I am equal.That my femininity brings balance to the world, as it is in nature.

Because I am a Girl I hope… That my actions will open paths that the next generation won’t have to battle through. This forest of nonsense called inequality will disappear if each person cuts their own little clearing.

Because I am a Girl I wonder… Why people find comfort in dominating others, where does the insecurity and need to control stem from?

Because I am a Girl I dream… Of an evolution of fear into a revolution of understanding, where neither boys nor girls are forced to accept stereotypes.

Because I am a Girl I remember… being held back, thought less of, not being listened to, being patronised and contained. Being frightened too. Tasting injustice in my mouth like some rancid reminder. Bending when I wanted to be strong.

Because I am a Girl I like… to be independent and free, to be myself, to try everything because it’s my life.

Because I am a Girl I dislike… Injustice, bullying, sexism ,assumption and the cages it creates for me. Too many girls are tigers in cages.

Because I am a Girl I feel… Often ignored, often afraid, often powerless. Unable to accept it though, so I spar constantly .

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… Every victory, every woman who stands up and says, “This is me. Don’t tell me who I am. Don’t tell me I can’t. I don’t have to prove anything to you.
Get out of my way”

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Just some of the Issues Facing Girls in the developing World Today

65 million

Girls are missing from primary school today.

3 million

Girls endure Female Genital Mutilation every year.


Girls become child brides
every year.


Because I am a Girl is Plan International’s global initiative to educate girls across the developing world.

To do this, we identify the key barriers to girls’ education – child marriage, forced labour, sexual violence, early pregnancy and more – and we break them. Now, we are asking you to join our mission, so that together we can construct a new vision for girls across the developing world.


Our focus through our Because I am a Girl Campaign is girls, because a girl in the developing world faces overwhelming odds from the day she’s born.


But Plan is reversing these odds and we have reached at a crucial tipping point. We are making real progress.

More girls than ever are being given the chance of education and the tide is turning. More and more of today’s mothers have seen the value of education. Fathers, communities and governments are following.


Through your support of Because I am a Girl Plan can implement projects that tackle some of the biggest challenges that girls face in developing countries. We believe supporting girls is one of the best investments we can make in the world today. Removing barriers for girls’ means, not only a better life for them, but a safer, healthier and prosperous world for us all.


Over the next four years, Because I am a Girl projects will support four million girls to get the education, skills and support they need to move themselves from poverty to opportunity.

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