Norah Murphy

Programme Support Assistant, Plan Ireland


Norah joined Plan in February 2013. From Carlow, Norah has spent the last seven years studying and working in Cork.

At UCC, Norah completed a BSc International Development and Food Policy during which she volunteered on a project for children with disabilities in Zambia and completed a work placement with Trócaire in Malawi.

Both of these experiences cemented her interest in child rights and global health. Following this, Norah completed a Masters in Public Health during which she conducted research on knowledge and attitudes regarding HIV/AIDS among adolescents in secondary schools in Wexford.

In her spare time, Norah is learning French and enjoys the cinema, cooking and avoiding running!

Because I am a girl I ask…. everyone to inform themselves about the challenges experienced by people living in developing countries.

Because I am a girl I believe… that the education of all children has unlimited returns in terms of economic growth, health and peace.

Because I am a girl I hope that… if I have a daughter, she will grow up in a world that places a greater value on every human being.

Because I am a girl I wonder….how many girls are not attending school today and how many girls are attending school but are not learning.

Because I am a girl I dream… often and without limitation.

Because I am a girl I remember…. growing up taking for granted the hope and expectations that my father had for me.

Because I am a girl I like… reading about great female leaders, past and present.

Because I am a girl I dislike… how prevalent casual sexism and homophobia are in Irish society.

Because I am a girl I feel… a duty to speak out against inequality.

Because I am a girl I celebrate…the achievements of other girls and women.

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