Sinéad Burke

Phd Student and Blogger


“I dream that the future is an era where equality will not be an aspiration but a reality”

Sinéad Burke is a PhD Student in the School of Education in Trinity College, Dublin having completed a degree in primary school teaching and a Masters in broadcast production.

In the midst of her degree, Sinéad began her blog ‘Minnie Mélange’ where she documents her interests in fashion and the challenges of finding suitable and stylish attire for her small frame. Simultaneously, Sinéad speaks with the people who inspire her most via the blog’s two interview strands: ‘Minnie Meets’ and ‘Extraordinary Women’.

At only 24, Sinéad has amassed a great number of accomplishments but credits winning the final Alternative Miss Ireland and her public speaking on behalf of Little People of Ireland, as some of her proudest accomplishment

Because I am a Girl I ask….. questions. I am naturally curious and love nothing more than listening to what empowers, inspires and makes other people tick.

Because I am a Girl I believe……… that change is afoot. In the past, improvements or amendments were made by governmental decisions. Today, I am inspired by the gargantuan number of ‘ordinary’ people who are cultivating a future of change through technology, the arts, speech, the media and conversation.

Because I am a Girl I hope………… that the children I have been fortunate to teach have been positively affected by my perspective of the world. I hope that in the future they will react to difference and disability with respect. Or perhaps, they won’t react at all.

Because I am a Girl I wonder………. what my life would be like if I had been born elsewhere. Being a little person is a challenge, primarily due to the physical environment. In Ireland, society’s perceptions of ‘normal’ have been greatly altered and whilst it is not perfect, it is much more open than some of our international counterparts.

Because I am a Girl I dream……. that the future is an era where equality will not be an aspiration but a reality. It will span the boundaries of gender, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, belief and ability; A time when ‘difference’ will be ‘normal’.

Because I am a Girl I remember…… the confidence and belief which my parents instilled in me: I can do or be anything that I aspire to; regardless of my height or gender.

Because I am a Girl I like…… fashion, it is important to me as clothes alter my mood and ameliorate my self-confidence.

Because I am a Girl I dislike……... that in today’s modern world we need legislation to ensure women are represented in certain sectors of society, the fact it doesn’t happen naturally seems artificial. If everyone at the table comes from the same background how do you represent and facilitate diversity?

Because I am a Girl I feel………. fortunate to have a close network of family and friends who I can reach out to, to be honest with, to be proud of and to celebrate with.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate……… the harmony of voices calling for equality in pay, conditions, choice, rights and lifestyle for women and men in the twenty-first century.

The views expressed in all blogs, are those of the authors only and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of Plan Ireland  

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