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Sabita, 16, has eight months old baby boy. She was married in 2010, when she was 14. Her father has been ill and suffering from paralysis on the left side of the body. This was the only reason she had to leave the school and got married at an early age.

Sabita said, “When I was 14, my family started talking about my marriage which I couldn’t deny as this is the tradition in our village, it was a kind of pressure.

“We are poor. My mother and my brother used to work as labourers. I had to drop out from school when I was in grade two. During my first pregnancy, I wasnâÃÂÃÂt feeling well. I vomited and couldnâÃÂÃÂt eat anything except milk. Now, my baby boy isnâÃÂÃÂt very healthy. I realise my life has been negatively changed after getting married at early age.âÃÂÃÂ