Day of the Girl 2018

It’s time to join us for the global phenomenon that is International Day of the Girl on October 11th 2018! Do your part to give a voice to girls across the world facing double discrimination purely because of their age and gender. On top of discrimination, girls in certain developing countries also face child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation and more.

It’s easy for you to do your part to help end these injustices  – just follow #DayoftheGirl and #GirlsTakeover on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and like and share our posts. Together our voice is stronger.

International Day of the Girl puts a spotlight on Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl  movement. This is a global initiative to transform communities in developing countries by empowering girls so that they so that they learn, lead, decide, and thrive. Globally, 62 million girls are out of school – held back from accessing their right to education by poverty, violence and discrimination. Not only is this unjust, it’s a huge waste of potential with serious global consequences.

Because I Am A Girl is dedicated to ensuring gender equality and upholding the rights of all girls and young women by 2030.

You can help too.

International Day of the Girl in Ireland

In Ireland, Plan International Ireland will launch a report titled Girl’s Safety in Cities. 22 cities including Dublin were examined for the global report. The findings show that unfortunately, young women in Dublin and across the world, face safety issues and city dangers which prevent them for pursuing all opportunities and fulfilling their full potential.

Plan International Ireland’s Youth Advisory Panel also organised a national survey which asked young women and men in Ireland how safe they felt living in this country. 83% of those who responded were women, and the majority were aged between 18 and 25 years.

The findings were revealing. Nine in ten women said they felt more vulnerable just because of their gender. Young women reported being physically and verbally harassed in public, and feeling unsafe using the bus. They said they modified their behaviour as a safety precaution at night-time, walking faster or jogging or taking longer routes home.

You can see more of the findings below:


Across the world on International Day of the Girl there will be over 900 ‘take-overs’ organised by Plan International. Young women will symbolically ‘take over’ positions of power and speak directly to leading government ministers, policy-makers and influencers about gender discrimination and inequality, what it looks like, and crucially their role in eliminating it. Take-overs will include Germany’s Minister of Finance, UNICEF’s Executive Director, Uganda’s Vice-President, the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines and more.

So join us on International Day of the Girl, like and share on our social media channels and take a stand for equality!!


We have a vision that all girls will have access to a quality education and opportunities for lifelong learning by 2030.


We have a vision that all girls and young women will be able to participate in decision-making that affects them by 2030.


We have a vision that all girls will have the right to decide their futures by 2030, including when and who to marry.


We have a vision that all girls will be able to thrive by 2030 and reach their potential so they live free from discrimination.