Breaking the cycle
of poverty in Sri Lanka

KPMG and Plan International Ireland join forces to level the playing field for girls and women

KPMG levelling the playing field for girls in Sri Lanka

One of Ireland’s leading financial services firms, KPMG Ireland has joined forces with Plan International Ireland to level the playing field for thousands of marginalised girls working on tea and rubber plantations in Sri Lanka.

Plan International Ireland, supported by KPMG, will train 550 ‘Train the Trainers’ who will work through local village groups to train girls and young women in basic financial literacy. Each train the trainer will work with a number of women’s group to help spread, and share, the information.



Train the Trainers supported by KPMG and Plan Ireland


Girls and women trained in basic financial literacy


Proportion of girls who don't finish secondary school

Education is the key …

More often than not, these girls aren’t allowed go to school by the plantation owners. Only 44% of girls in Sri Lanka finish secondary school, with even less plantation girls receiving this basic form of education.

Generation after generation are born and live on these plantations with no hope of breaking the cycle of poverty.

By 2019, 12,650 girls and young women will have been given the skills, knowledge and confidence to set up their own businesses, and break the cycle of poverty for them and their families for generations to come.