Protect #LostGirls

Girls are the most vulnerable in a refugee crisis. They are at increased risk of child marriage, sexual violence and are denied an education.

One girl every two seconds is forced to get married

Every year, millions of girls across the globe are forced to marry men, sometimes two or three times their age. This causes lasting damage to girls, both physically and emotionally. This is especially heightened in refugee crises and conflict situations.

We are on the ground – in the refugee camps, in Jordan, Egypt, Cameroon, Niger and Chad. With your donations, we are providing child protection and pyschosocial support for girls.

Out of school, girls become invisible. 

Discrimination against girls starts at a young age. Many are denied the opportunity to access education leading them trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Education means protection for girls; they are less likely to suffer enforced marriage, child labor, and violence when they are in school.

We are on the ground – in the refugee camps – working with the most vulnerable girl refugees across the globe to provide access to education.

Gender Based Violence affects 70% of women in a conflict or crisis.

Girls’ exposure to violence increases during times of displacement crises. An ordinary task like collecting water or going to the toilet can put them at risk.

 With your donations, we work to reduce this percentage by providing the most vulnerable girl refugees with protection, shelter, hygiene and sanitation. 

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