Take Action for Girls

Now more than ever, a bold new movement is needed to ensure that no girl is left behind or unable to reach her full potential.

Because I am a Girl is that movement.

Because I am a Girl is a global movement to transform power relations so that girls everywhere learn, lead, decide, and thrive. The movement is dedicated to ensuring gender equality and upholding the rights of all girls and young women by 2030.

At Plan International, we are constantly striving towards gender equality in the world’s poorest regions. The issue is real, and it’s affecting girls and women everywhere. They are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be denied access to education, and more likely to be malnourished, simply because they are young and female.

Why Support? By joining our movement, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with girls and young women across the developing world. You are investing in their futures and in their potential.

How can we move forward if she is held back?


€21 – Join the BIAAG Movement

Help supply fresh water, abolish child marriage, eradicate FGM, stop violence against girls and more.

€25 – Sponsor one Girl

Sponsor one girl in one community and support her, and those around her, to get the best start in life.


“Because I am a Girl, I have dreams.”

See what happens when girls are supported.

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