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To promote Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign, Plan’s media team came up with an innovative idea. Stop-motion animation (or stop-action) is the painstaking process of photographing a model, moving it a miniscule amount, then photographing it again. Finally, you string the photographs together and the tiny movements appear to be action. The additional challenge was that the the models were actually people – not plasticine models.

The Plan team travelled to Malawi where they teamed up with local youth media group Timveni. Timveni was originally set up as part of one of Planâs programmes, but now stands on its own feet as an independent TV and radio station. Timveni and Plan Malawi decided on two communities which had been involved with Plan previously – Njewa and Muzu. They spent the first two days doing castings for the characters in the film and eventually picked Brendar, a 12 year-old orphan girl who had never acted before, but who showed bundles of natural talent.