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Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Emergency Appeal

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Two devastating earthquakes struck central Türkiye and northwest Syria the morning of February 6 and have already killed thousands.

The massive earthquakes, followed by more than 100 aftershocks, have created ruin across Syria and Türkiye (formerly Turkey). Several thousands more people have been injured, with the number of deaths and injured persons expected to rise. Children are being pulled from the rubble in freezing weather and are in a state of shock, completely terrified at the scenes unfolding before them.

And in Syria, a country already terribly effected by over 11 years of war, the earthquake is especially devastating. Already before the earthquake, nearly 15 million people in Syria – the highest number yet – needed basic humanitarian assistance. This earthquake will only amplify their need.

During and after an emergency, every minute of every day puts children at greater risk of violence, sexual exploitation and hunger – and girls are often the worst affected. 

As this humanitarian crisis escalates, we need your help. Please give what you can to help the children of Türkiye and Syria. It is not too late to save lives.