Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship connects so many people to create transformative, impactful change for all.

In providing a long-term support network for a child and their community, a sponsor helps create the foundation for their lives beyond poverty.

This connection fundamentally changes all their lives.


Why Child Sponsorship Is The Answer

How Does Child Sponsorship Work?

Connecting with Your Sponsored Child

Tax Efficient Giving

Mbalu, 14, is a Plan International sponsored child from Sierra Leone. She enjoys school and her favourite subject is agricultural science. Plan International is supporting her education through the Girls Education Challenge (GEC) programme which provides uniforms and educational materials to help girls stay in school. The drop-out rate for girls in Sierra Leone is high and one of the reasons is child marriage. One of Mbalu's friends who is 15 recently dropped out of school to get married as her family are to poor to pay for her schooling. Mbalu is a member of her school's advocacy programme where she talks on the radio about teenage pregnancy, early marriage and its causes.

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