Meet Magdaline

All it took was a bike to build her confidence again.

Cycling to school can be a pleasure for some children – but for others, it can be the only way they get there safely.

Girls especially report abuse and intimidation when walking to school. When risk of exploitation becomes a danger, many girls would rather stay home than make the long journey alone.

But not Magdaline.

Magdaline, with her new bike, in Nyanza region, Kenya.

Magdaline is one of 1,500 girls in Nyanza region who will receive a bicycle thanks to the Let’s Protect our Girls project and the kindness of Plan International supporters. The initiative was brought about by working with girls like Magdaline to understand why girls her age didn’t want to attend school.

All it took was a bike to build her confidence again.

Now she travels to school safely and quickly, alongside her peers.

And there’s more than one benefit to riding a bike. She’s got more time to take care of herself and to study.

Since I received my bicycle, I do not have to wake up so early to get to school on time as I used to!

Girls in Nyanza Region in Kenya with their new bikes.

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