Meet 13 Year-Old Shesheg

From carrying 25 litres of water to dreaming to become a doctor

The earth is scorched from the long summer days and soaring temperatures. The weather might feel like a blessing to some, but for others, it can be devastating.   

For children, and especially girls, it can mean missing school.  

Shesheg, 13, lives in a town outside Lalibela, Ethiopia. Over the past few years, the El Nino-induced drought has had a major impact on her education, as it becomes her job to fetch water rather than go to school.

Shesheg, 13, on her way to collect water in Amhara Region.

With the help of kind supporters, Shesheg no longer has to skip class as she now has to access to clean water, just five minutes from her home.

Keen to study to become a doctor, Shesheg explains what life was like before the water trucking facility arrived in her village.

Shesheg, 13, in school in Amhara Region, Ethiopia.

Before this pump arrived we’d have to walk three hours to fetch clean water,” she says. “I’d carry a jerry can of about 25 litres every morning and then go to school. I used to be late for class a lot, or miss class altogether to fetch water.

Can you provide fresh water and give girls the chance to stay in school?

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