David's Sponsorship Story

"Every week I put half of my pocket towards my sponsorship of Julio"

A young campaigner in the making forms an inspiring connection with a boy in El Salvador.

13-year old David, from Dublin, is one of Plan International Ireland’s newest child sponsors. By saving some of his weekly pocket money, David has been sponsoring 4-year old Julio from El Salvador for just a few months.

When he came across Plan International Ireland online, he liked what he saw.

The site was nice and easy to get around, with lots of images and videos and quickly I found I could sponsor a boy or girl just like me.

David explained to us that loved the fact that he would have a pen pal and get to write to them with stories about school, football and his adventures with his dog Scout. So he signed up and waited eagerly to hear back.

When a representative from the Plan International Ireland office gave him a call to thank him, they were initially surprised at how young David was. But after speaking to his mother they were assured that he knew exactly what he was getting into and that he had even gone as far as getting other members of his family to sign up – quite the young campaigner!

As David is the youngest in his family he was excited to become something of a big brother to Julio.

They’ve exchanged a few letters so far and it’s going well. David is learning all about El-Salvador and even learning some Spanish so eventually his letters won’t have to be translated.

What started as a curiosity has become the start of a long and lasting friendship … with just 8,400km in between.

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