The Daly - Tumilty Family's
Sponsorship Story

"It's only a drop in the ocean. But if everybody gives a little drop, it makes an ocean."

The family that sponsors together
& thrives together.

The Daly-Tumilty’s started their sponsorship story in 2009 and have been sponsoring Seleman Seph from Tanzania ever since. He’s now 13 and at school.

From day one, it was just something that I felt very strongly about and […] you get updates every year which is brilliant. I think I would have been with the other charity for 15 years and you never knew where your money was going to or what was being done with it.

 Putting things into perspective:

… a crisis for a child over here is whether they have enough battery in their phone to go on Snapchat. Over there, you give them a pencil and you might as well have given them the world because it just means so much to them and they’re so appreciative of of everything no matter how small or how little.



A Welcome Pack, introducing you to your sponsored child and family. The real starting point of your journey.


An Annual Update with new photos of your sponsored child and their family, news from the community and much, much more.


Letters and gifts back and
forth to your sponsored child, through which you can build a unique relationship.

Ailish Hackett
"We’re one community ...”

David (13)
"Every week, I put half my pocket money ...”

Jane Clare
"Children are the heart of everything ...”