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Mbalu, 14, is a Plan International sponsored child from Sierra Leone. She enjoys school and her favourite subject is agricultural science. Plan International is supporting her education through the Girls Education Challenge (GEC) programme which provides uniforms and educational materials to help girls stay in school. The drop-out rate for girls in Sierra Leone is high and one of the reasons is child marriage. One of Mbalu's friends who is 15 recently dropped out of school to get married as her family are to poor to pay for her schooling. Mbalu is a member of her school's advocacy programme where she talks on the radio about teenage pregnancy, early marriage and its causes.


Mbalu, 12, wants each of her friends to have the chance to go to school. Will you help her?

As a supporter of Plan International, you have the power to make an incredible difference for children all over the globe.

When you make a donation to Plan International Ireland to the value of €250 or more each year, you can give Plan International Ireland permission to claim the tax on your donations to be used for charitable purposes.

All we need is your signature on this form.

Completing the form means your donation can go 45% further. Whether you’re a sponsor, you’ve donated to the Girl’s Fund or an appeal – if it’s over €250 you can really make a difference by signing the form today.

  • If you sponsor a child, you can turn your monthly donation of €22 into €31.87 a month – at no extra cost to you.
  • If you’ve donated €250 in a year and signed the form – you’ve just transformed it into €362.50 for education and child protection programmes.

All it takes is your signature!

We are always working to be as effective and efficient as possible with your donations. Please help us maximise your impact on the ground by signing the form today.

Help a Child Pick Up a Pencil by Picking Up A Pen today

Mbalu,12, is in school in Sierra Leone – supported by her sponsor. Her school materials are provided through sponsorship and a water well has been built in the school, so all children have access to fresh water.

But many children are still missing out on the chance to go to school.

Mbalu tells us, “My friend is 15 years old and she is married. Her mother has given her for marriage because of poverty and she has dropped out of school.”

We wish every child could have a sponsor, but this isn’t always possible.

Over 200,000 children in Sierra Leone do not have access to education and the school drop-out rate is high, especially for girls. A scholarship can help a child stay in school by providing food for the day, and learning materials.

This is why signing the form is so important. We need to reach more children, and the Tax Efficient Scheme makes this possible. As a supporter of Plan International, you can reach one more child – through a scholarship – and help her stay in school.

Your signature can help children have equal opportunities, without having to bear the burden of poverty.

And the good news is, once you fill in the CHY3 form today, you will not have to complete the form again for 5 years.

That’s one scholarship a year, for 5 years.

This costs you absolutely nothing and will in no way affect your tax status.

  1. Download the CHY3 Certificate
  2. Complete the form with your PPS number, signature, and date
  3. Return the form to:
    Tax Efficient Giving,
    Plan International Ireland,
    11 Harrington Street,
    Dublin 8


If you have any questions about completing the CHY form, or the Tax Effective Giving Scheme in general please check out the FAQ here.

If you want to get in touch with us directly please call in confidence to Katie on 01 568 5861 or email

Thank you for your support.

P.S The money you unlock will allow Plan International to continue our work with some of the poorest and most vulnerable children in the world – and all it takes is a minute of your time.