Door-to-door fundraising

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Plan International Ireland's Door-to-Door fundraising

As restrictions lift this year, we have made the decision to recommence door-to-door fundraising activity in line with government guidelines.

You may see Plan International Ireland fundraising representatives out and about in your neighbourhood, inspiring people to embark on the incredible journey of child sponsorship.

13-year-old Larissa in Burkina Faso has been part of Plan International's sponsor programme for 6 years

Door-to-door fundraising 

Door-to-door fundraising is one of the best ways for us to raise awareness about our work supporting the world’s most vulnerable children, and the funds needed to continue reaching them. It is a well-established activity that many well-known charities are using.

Child Sponsorship 

Child sponsorship is a form of giving that ensures we have a consistent and reliable income to support our child-centred community development and rights-based programmes. It is our largest source of income and means we can plan efficiently to continue to transform the lives of children and their communities around the world.


Our fundraising representatives are currently recruiting child sponsors in Ballinteer, Rathfarnham, Dundrum, Churchtown, Leopardstown and Foxrock. They currently recruit between the hours of 12 noon and 8:30pm.  

Our Fundraising Partner

Like many other charities, we partner with a professional fundraising agency, to help us raise much needed funds. Golden Egg Fundraising is a newly established professional fundraising service for charities built upon over 20 years of experience. To read more about the work of Golden Egg Fundraising please visit their website at


How have you adapted door-to-door activity to respond to COVID-19?
We have worked hard to ensure door-to-door recruitment is undertaken sensitively, safely and responsibly, with extra measures in place to protect everyone’s health.
Our fundraising representatives will be wearing face-masks and will be issued with a personal bottle of hand sanitiser and sterile wipes which they will use throughout the day.
All of our fundraising representatives have received comprehensive training on adhering to social distancing guidelines, on the use of their personal protective equipment and on hygiene and coughing and sneezing etiquette. They will sanitise their tablets regularly throughout the day.
We have adapted our sign-up process so it can now be completed at a safe distance without passing items. All Welcome Pack materials will be sent to new supporters by post rather than distributed at your door.

How can I be sure that the individual I’m speaking to is a legitimate fundraiser?
Genuine Plan International Ireland fundraisers will always carry an ID badge and never accept cash donations. They will wear a Plan International branded jacket or polo-shirt, a face-mask and carry a branded messenger bag.
If you have any doubts about legitimacy, please ask the fundraiser for more information. A genuine fundraising representative will be more than happy to answer questions and explain more about the work of Plan International.
If you still have doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact our Supporter Care Team on 1800 829 829 or at 
Are my personal and banking details safe?
Yes. Please be assured that the data shared between Plan International Ireland and Golden Egg Fundraising is done so securely and is encrypted.
How does child sponsorship work?
Child Sponsorship is a regular gift of €22 or more via direct debit. Once you sign-up to become a Sponsor you will receive a Welcome Pack in the post with an introduction to you Sponsored Child and their community. A Sponsor is uniquely linked to a specific Sponsored Child and their family and letters, messages, photographs and drawings can be exchanged to build a strong and lasting relationship. Child Sponsorship nurtures meaningful relationships with communities, families, children and Sponsors to enable Plan International to make a lasting impact in strengthening children’s rights and equality for girls.
Is Sponsorship like adoption?
No, it’s not. The child you sponsor will have a family of their own, but your words of encouragement play an important role for them and their community. Letter writing also helps children to learn about other cultures and to improve their literacy skills.
How can I request more information?
Our Supporter Relations team are happy to answer any questions you have about sponsorship and the work of Plan International. You can reach them on 1800 829 829 or at