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Ebola, The Fight Continues

The Ebola crisis in West Africa is the worst outbreak of the virus in history. One year on from the first confirmed case, 9,600 lives have been lost and 16,000 children orphaned.

While Ebola may no longer be in the headlines, families and children are still suffering from the disease’s aftermath. Findings of powerful new research has shown the devastating impact of the outbreak;

80% of mothers report a lack of maternal health services.

70% of communities say that children are no longer being vaccinated.

90% of people cite a reduction in farming activity.

Time is running out for these communities and millions of lives remain at stake. This is a decisive moment in the battle against Ebola.

Plan Ireland’s front line teams have been working in communities in the worst affected areas across West Africa since the outbreak, helping people respond, giving accurate public health information to prevent further infection and helping people to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Join us in the fight by donating to end the Ebola crisis now.


can provide 40 pairs of disposable gloves and overalls to protect health workers from the virus.


the cost of a weeks supply of fuel to help to run Plan's fleet of vehicles. To stop the virus, we need to get in front of people.


the cost of a motorbike, essential in help our people access remote areas and help those most in need

Ebola Funeral Poem

This footage was filmed by young Sierra Leonean cameraman Tyson Conteh after his  friend Gbasay died of Ebola near Makeni, Sierra Leone. As the whole village mourns, the body retrieval team takes Gbasay’s body away in a plastic bag.

Please be warned that the scenes are upsetting, but this is the reality of the situation.


the cost of a hygiene kit for 25 families, including soap and a bottle of diluted chlorine to wash hands and disinfect.


can pay for the printing of 80 laminated posters essential in raising awareness in children and communities of the signs and symptoms of Ebola.


can supply 50 pairs of chemical resistant gloves, enabling health workers be safe.


Ebola 1 year on; new research reveals full devastation

"I will stay here until Ebola ends"

Brothers survival gives hope in fight against Ebola