Children In Emergencies:

Help Us Keep Children Safe

When a disaster strikes, children, especially girls, are the most vulnerable

An emergency crisis robs children of their childhood. And being a girl in a crisis means you are more likely to be married off early, more likely to find yourself having a child while still a child, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to suffer from violence and abuse, the last to be fed, the last to be heard. With the help of our supporters, Plan International is on the ground responding to emergencies and keeping girls safe. Right now, we’re working in 21 countries with protecting girls and their families.

Right now, we are keeping vulnerable girls and boys safe in disasters and emergencies in 21 countries, including South Sudan, Nigeria, and Jordan and the Rohingya community in Bangladesh. 

Rapid response to long-term help

Our disaster response focuses on children’s urgent needs, such as food and water. We then prioritise their protection and education, to help re-establish a sense of security and normality.

Girls are the most vulnerable when crises occur, so we ensure they receive the support they need and keep them safe in emergency situations.

While children, especially girls, are among the most affected by crises, they often have no say in what happens to them.









How Do We Protect A Child?

We are committed to protect children and keep girls and boys safe. We stay with a community for the long haul when a disaster hits. We’re there in the immediate aftermath of a crisis and we stay post disaster to rebuild lives, restore communities and prepare societies for future emergencies.

We support girls and boys to overcome trauma and fear and protect them from abuse and exploitation. We give them the chance to be a child, through psychosocial support, child-friendly spaces and the running of education in emergencies programmes. But we can only do this with your help.







What can you do?

You can help keep children, especially girls, safe in emergencies and allow us to reach communities as soon as an emergency hits by donating today.

Your support will help families rebuild their lives for the long term, and improve conditions for children and help provide basic necessities to help their families in emergencies.


Could provide a hygiene and sanitation kit to allow a girl to manage her periods for a year.


Could help provide counselling to ease the trauma of a girl who has experienced a crisis.


Could provide a therapeutic food kit to keep a malnourished family healthy for a month.

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