The Issue

Violence against women and girls is a significant challenge for those living in Egypt. The problem is widespread, as over 8 million women and girls are victims of gender-based violence annually. 99% of women in Egypt have reported experience of sexual and discriminatory harassment. This harrasment has real and significant consequences on their daily lives.

Yara, 16, from Cairo reports that girls her age often get sexually harassed on their way to school – on public transport, when passing local businesses or from boys or men waiting at the school gates.

If I had the choice between walking past a group of men in my community and a group of dogs, I’d choose the dogs every time. I’m scared of both but boys and men are by far the bigger threat.

This harrassment and can be a daily occurrence, and the constant threat of violence can have serious implications on not only girls’ health and safety, but can restrict their movements and learning opportunities.

Worst of all, sometimes parents pull their daughters out of school when they see them being harassed.

And it’s not just harassment on the street. More women have undergone FGM/C in Egypt than in any other country. Child marriage and spousal violence are widely accepted as normal by women, men, and communities as a whole.

What Needs to Change

Empowered women and girls thrive in safer communities. A community-wide approach is needed, where every person has a valuable role in changing the culture of violence against women and girls.

The goal of the project ‘Empowering Girls for Safer Communities’ is to increase awareness of the right to a life free from violence for women and girls. Girls and women, supported by boys and men, can play an active role in their communities to achieve this goal.


What We’re Changing

We’re working in a rural area of Egypt, Beheira, with girls and boys, women and men, community leaders and authorities, governments and legislators to make to make a safer culture for women and girls.

The project involves:

Women & Girls

Establishing training groups and peer networks for women to learn about their rights and support one another in claiming those rights.

Men & Boys

Men and boys will work together with women and girls to raise awareness of violence in their community, and to promote women and girls’ rights.

Families & Communities

Promoting inter-generational and community dialogues on achieving equality and ending violence.

Local Community Associations & Government Officials

Supporting communities to engage with local government and institutions to achieve gender equality.

The impact of this programme has the potential be far-reaching in the community of Beheira and beyond. The culture transformation aims to seep into daily life, to cross generational divides and to create a deep and meaningful change within the community. By changing social norms from within, the community of Beheira can collectively play a vital role in making the area a more safe and encouraging environment for women and girls. Ultimately this will translate into more girls who are able to stay in school and reach their full potential.

If you would like to support our project Empowering Women in Egypt, then please give what you can today.

Even a small donation will go far in achieving significant change.

Did You Know?

Your donation will be matched nine times over by our funding partners, meaning your contribution will have a deep impact on the lives of women and girls in Beheira.