Gifts you can send your
Sponsored Child

Want to send a gift?

Not sure what to send your sponsored child?

Optional, small and inexpensive gifts are a welcome addition to the birthday cards or letters sent to children

Children love to receive photos and letters giving them a fuller picture of what life is like in Ireland.

Items like stickers, colouring pencils, notepads and other educational items
are always appreciated.

Please note there are weight and size limits to what can be sent.
Max size A4 envelope & 150g in weight.

If you would like any  ideas on what to send, just give us a call on 01 568 5861 and we would be happy to advise or refer to the suggestions below.

Top Three Gifts

School Supplies

Pens, paper, colouring pencils aand books are all great gifts that a child can share


Skipping ropes & small board games provide hours of entertainment


Hairclips, stickers and stamps are always really well received

Sometimes, we can’t always forward the gifts you want to send …

Clothes & Cosmetics

T-shirts, caps, soaps and makeup

Food, plants or Liquids

Sweets, seeds & paints


Watches, metals & money

Why we need to restrict the types of gifts!

We would love to send all the gifts sponsors want to send to the children. However, to promote fairness we urge you to keep things as simple as possible and follow the above guidelines.

That way some children are not getting too much more than others and it helps us manage expectations in the best way possible.


If you are wondering what happens to the gifts that can’t be sent, we will be donating them to SVP at Christmas time to make sure we assist thousands of individuals and families who needed our help in local communities all across Ireland.