Hennock, the Pilot

Five-year-old Hennock wants to be a pilot.
Help him and children like him fly.

Hennock – Dreamer, Future Pilot, Sponsored Child.

At 5 years old, Hennock has the world at his feet.

“I want to be a pilot in a helicopter. I want to take my friends to the countryside! 

It’s an ambitious goal for a little boy who lives in Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries on earth. A place where 36 million people are struggling to survive – a place where most children are denied their right to play because they need to fetch water, tend to crops or care for their siblings.

BUT NOT HENNOCK. Despite sharing a single room home with his family, he is one of the few children in Ethiopia who have access to quality early education. He has trained teachers, proper education materials and lots of other kids to interact with.

All this, and more, because has a sponsor through Plan. Someone to look out for him and help him through the early years. Someone … a lot like you.

This is where child sponsorship comes in:

By sponsoring today you can change a life forever. Just €5 a week helps provide a child with clean water, education and a safer and more stable community to grow up in.

Through child sponsorship with Plan, you can ensure a child like Hennock attends school. You can ensure his teachers are well trained and that his classrooms are well equipped. You can communicate with your child, support them through letters and encouragement, and get your own children involved. You get updates on their progress, photographs and insights into their life and culture.

Soon, you could be sponsoring a child, just like Hennock and be helping to shape their dreams.



Sign up using our fully-secure and easy-to-use online form. It only takes 30 seconds. Or call us in Dublin on freefone 1800 829 829.


Within 3 days, you will receive your Welcome Pack, introducing you to your sponsored child - the real starting point of your journey.


From here, you receive regular updates, photos, drawings, letters and more, allowing you to see your contribution in action.


Plan is a global children’s charity that is making a positive impact in the lives of 81 million children in over 86,000 communities around the world. One of the best ways for us and for you to make an immediate and lasting improvement to the lives of the world’s poorest children is by sponsoring one child in one community with Plan.

When you sponsor a child, your contribution goes straight to the heart of that child’s community. Your sponsorship ensures your sponsored child  has the chance to go to school, to eat a healthy meal each day, to be safe and healthy and to have a roof over their head and food in their belly.

Sponsorship lets you follow your sponsored child’s progress every step of the way. You can be hands-on with the community and child you sponsor. You’ll write letters, exchange experiences, get regular updates and photographs and even have the opportunity to meet if you so choose.

It is your commitment to your sponsored child that allows Plan Ireland to design, deliver and implement quality, sustainable programmes that help your sponsored child, their family and entire community.

Join us today and see what a difference you can make in the life of a child in need.



My Favourite Things – a Story by Hennock

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