Plan International’s
Global Disability Inclusion Conference
Nepal, December 2016

Enabling the right to education
for girls, boys and youth with disabilities

Plan International is committed to ensuring that ‘every child completes a quality, inclusive education that covers at least early learning, primary and secondary education,
in formal or non-formal settings’.

The central theme of the conference is Inclusive Education, which also encompasses access to lifelong learning opportunities such as vocational education and technical training so that young people with disabilities have the necessary skills
to learn, lead, decide and thrive in life.

Global Disability Inclusion Conference 2016

The conference will emphasize the links between inclusive education and the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our organisational focus on and commitment to gender equality, girls’ rights and inclusion.

The overall objective of the conference is to further promote disability inclusion within Plan International’s education programmes and in our advocacy work.

The specific objectives of the conference are;

1. To increase knowledge, understanding and skills on inclusive education in development and humanitarian settings;
2. To inspire staff to engage in a community of practice on disability inclusion in collaboration with partners in their countries,
3. To build capacity on why and how to embed the intersection between inclusion, gender equality and girls’ rights in programmes and advocacy work.

The main outputs of the conference are;

1. Shared and documented good practices, lessons learned and challenges in the area of inclusive education;
2. Enhanced learning on mainstream and targeted disability programming
3. A greater understanding of the links between Plan International’s work with girls, boys and youth with disabilities and the SDGs.

Martin's Joy

Martin, 7, from Guinea has a disability, but no one makes fun of him at school thanks to our inclusive education programme which works with schools to teach children to be accepting of each other so that they can  all learn and play together.


Guidelines for Consulting with Children & Young People with Disabilities