Indian Ocean Tsunami
Then and Now

See some striking images showing the transformation of the Indonesian city of Aceh


Ten years after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami tore Aceh, Indonesia, apart, killing over 130,700 people and destroying 199,766 houses, child rights organisation Plan Ireland revisited the city to see how it’s rebuilt itself…

Banda Aceh, 2004

Town centre of Banda Aceh following tsunami

The tsunami caused devastation in the city of Banda Aceh. Looking out from Peunayong Bridge 10 years ago, all that could be seen was a mass of rubble. 

Banda Aceh, 2014

The view from Peunayong Bridge in Indonesia 10 years after the t

Today, the city’s skyline has changed dramatically, while the river is once again a bustling commerce and trade hub. Debris has been cleared and lush vegetation lines the riverbank.

Meulaboh Road, 2004

The Banda Aceh Meulaboh Road after the tsunami struck

Lamreh was all but flattened by the tsunami – it was previously one of the prime workshop areas, but only a handful of buildings survived.

Meulaboh Road, 2014

The Banda Aceh Meulaboh Road 10 years after the tsunami struck

The Banda Aceh Meulaboh Road has now been widened, while many shops can be seen, dotted along it 

Lambaro Neujid, 2004

Children from Lambaro Neujid community in Aceh ride on back of t

When the road to Lambaro Neujid was destroyed by the tsunami, the community was cut off for two weeks. The people had lost everything. 

Lambaro Neujid, 2014

Lambaro Neujid community has now recovered 10 years after the ts

Plan distributed much needed aid in the community, building an emergency health centre, elementary school and sanitary facilities in the wake of the disaster. Today, these buildings are still standing and have been put to good use – the health centre is now a nursery for young children.