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5-year-old Wah Wah, is living with her grandmother. She lost both parents and a younger sister to Nargis. When the cyclone hit, her parents were working in the field with nowhere to hide, while she was at home in the village with her grandmother. The two of them ran to the temple – the only strong building in the village – and that’s how they survived along with about a couple of hundreds other people. Her new school is the only other building that’s strong enough to resist cyclones, earthquakes and floods. It can also act as an emergency shelter that can save them from the cold during the aftermath of say, a cyclone. “I like running around the playground with my friends. The old school had nothing,” says Wah Wah. âÃÂÃÂIâÃÂÃÂm not scared when IâÃÂÃÂm at school. The strong building makes me feel safe,âÃÂàshe said.

Wah Wah doesn’t remember much of her family being so young when it all happened. “I remember their names, my father feeding me and the family eating together. my mother beating me when I dropped by baby sister. I also remember that they are all dead,” says Wah Wah with a composed, unusually strong face. She misses them the most just before she goes to sleep. Her 43-year-old grandmother says Wah Wah used to wake up in the middle of the night, every night, crying, looking for her parents. She still does that sometimes but less and less often. “When she cries I want to cry too, because the mother Wah Wah cries for is my dead daughter, but I never cry in front of her. I go cry alone,” says the grandmother. “I like that the new school is very strong. In the disaster training they tell us to run here if another cyclone hits. It makes us feel safe.”