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Plan set up the Lashkar Pur Children’s Forum in 2009 to help prepare the community for flooding. Plan’s Disaster Risk Management Programme (DRM) works to strengthen communitiesâÃÂàawareness and resilience to flood related risks in at least six districts along the Indus River Belt.

The Lashkar Pur Children’s Forum were able to put their training to good use ahead of the floods in July and August 2010. The children were encouraged to prepare an early warning system and allocate roles and responsibilities to group members in case of an emergency.

Just before the floods arrived in their village, the children phoned the Trimu Dam to check on the water levels. When they discovered that the flood was bigger than in 1992 they called a meeting and put their early warning system into action. The children warned their parents of the impending danger and moved the dried food and animal fodder to higher ground. When the floods arrived, the community had to abandon their village and escape in boats, however the were able to save their livestock, animal feed and food thanks to the children’s intervention.