El Niño Drought Appeal

Hundreds of thousands of lives are at immediate risk if we don't act NOW!


East Africa is experiencing it’s worst drought in over 50 years and millions of people in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Malawi are in urgent need of food, water and essential medical supplies.

El Niño, the global weather pattern is the main factor. The result? No rains. No crops. No harvest. No food.

Livestock are dying and children may be next unless we act now.

Unless you act now.

In Ethiopia, over 10 million people are in urgent need of essential food and water.

Plan International is active across all the main effected countries with a primary focus on Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

The El Niño induced drought in Ethiopia is having a huge impact on the lives of children. Girls such as Mirte, 14, are having to do all they can to help their families make ends meet – such as becoming the family’s water carrier.



Asmera has just turned 2 and today is being treated for severe malnourishment at a Plan International-run emergency clinic.

Asmera’s mother Mirete explains “As the drought persisted, we have sold everything we had, including our cattle, to sustain our lives. It is not working.”



Oromia in southern Ethiopia used to be rich in agriculture. During any normal year, this would be harvest time. Now things have changed. There is no rain.

The result? Widespread malnutrition leading to stomach cramps, prolonged days of diarrhoea, dehydration and vomiting.



Twice a week, Mirte makes the journey down from her home in the mountains to the last remaining water source which lies at the bottom.

The journey is long, undertaken at night to avoid the midday heat and fraught with danger.