Help protect children from Hurricane Irma

You may have already heard that the worst Atlantic hurricane in recorded history, Irma, looks set to hit the people of Haiti.

Our immediate concern is for the children and their families who are already extremely vulnerable, living in one of the most fragile and poorest places in the world.

Many are living in extreme poverty, and have little protection from the devastation likely to be wreaked by Hurricane Irma.

Right now, Plan International staff are on the ground, helping children and their families in Haiti prepare for the aftermath of the hurricane, providing relief supplies like hygiene and sanitation kits which will prevent cholera. But we need your help to provide these.

Children, especially girls, are the most vulnerable when natural disasters occur. We focus on providing the support they need, looking after their basic needs and ensuring they are safe and protected.

The children in Haiti and their families are incredibly resilient and brave, having already withstood Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the catastrophic earthquake in 2010 that killed over 230,000 people. They’ve been rebuilding their communities with Plan International’s help, made possible thanks to our supporters.

But this incredibly powerful hurricane poses a threat to all that has been achieved.

A hurricane of this strength can completely destroy homes, access to basic necessities like water, shelter, food and fatalities are expected, leaving children without parents to fend for themselves and in extremely vulnerable predicaments.

Please give what you can today to help protect a child in Haiti from Hurricane Irma. Your gift today can help provide basic necessities to help their families prepare for, and most importantly survive, the potential devastation of this hurricane.

If we act now, we can help to reduce the devastation to these children’s lives and their communities.

Thank You.