Stope Ebola Poster

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Aminata, 16, is in her senior year at secondary school in Freetown. In 2012, she was nominated to represent her school on the Girls Panel, a project supported by Plan International in Sierra Leone, everything was going well until recently when Aminata’s life was turned upside down.
Her mother, a nurse, contracted the Ebola virus in her community in the Northern Province and quickly passed away at a treatment centre in Kailahun.

âMy mother died because she was saving lives. A few weeks before her death, she was treating an Ebola infected man who came to the hospital she was working in.â When she started feeling the symptoms of the disease, Aminata’s mother confided in her. âShe told me she may have contracted Ebola. She said I should not worry because she was going to be taken to a treatment centre in Kailahunâ. Aminata protested and asked her mother not to go, âshe asked my brother and I to be strong and pray for her,â Aminata explains.