Mega Earthquake hits Nepal, worsening an already devastating situation


Additional emergency relief for affected communities has never been more critical following today’s mega 7.3-magnitude earthquake that shook an already devastated country, says NGO, Plan Ireland.

Strong tremors were felt in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, which was badly damaged in last month’s earthquake. Plan has been working in Nepal since 1978 and already had a significant presence on the ground responding to earthquake which hit on 25th April.

Speaking from Kathmandu, Plan’s Mike Bruce said

“The aftershocks continue to happen, people have flooded the streets in Kathmandu. Right now, we are setting out operations outside, waiting for the aftershocks to subside. There have been heavy rains in recent days, spurring on-going fear of landslides and further damage to already affected communities.

Currently, Plan teams are spread out across Kathmandu valley and several districts in the affected areas – carrying out their distributions and delivery of emergency items to families who have lost their homes and are in temporary shelter.


Plan Ireland’s David Dalton said:

“The country is still struggling to recover from the earthquake on April 25 that killed more than 8,150 people and injured more than 17,860 as it flattened mountain villages and destroyed buildings.

Plan Ireland has already airlifted emergency relief items provided by the Irish government into isolated, mountainous, and rural areas parts of central Nepal.

 We delivered thousands of blankets, tents, tarpaulins and jerry cans supplied by into some of the worst hit and most remote regions today. Another earthquake like today –nearly as strong as the first one –will have a serious impact and make the situation all the more desperate.”

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