Final Evaluation for
Irish Aid supported EQuIP programme


Plan Ireland is requesting applications from research organisations, universities, academic institutes or think tanks for the final evaluation of Plan Ireland’s flagship Education programme – ‘EQuIP’ (Education: Quality, Inclusive, Participative).

The study should be carried out between April and October 2015.

The programme’3s overall objective is to increase access to and quality of primary and secondary education for all girls and boys in 4 target countries (Burkina Faso, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone) in West Africa.

Plan Ireland secured funding for the EQuIP programme through Irish Aid’s Programme Funding for 4 years from January 1st, 2012. A fifth ‘bridging’ year has been accorded in order to appropriately evaluate the programme cycle and prepare for the subsequent programme cycle.

Due to the recent EBOLA crisis in West Africa, the final evaluation will only target Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau.

The deadline for submitting the application is 23rd of February 2015.

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All expressions of interest should include:

  • Cover letter: A short (maximum three pages) letter addressing the evaluation criteria
  • A detailed curriculum vitae of key evaluation staff
  • At least 2 references of organizations for whom you have carried out similar work
  • Technical Proposal (maximum eight pages) interpreting the understanding of the TOR, detailed methodology of executing the task, as well as draft evaluation framework and plan
  • An approximate timeline for the work (based on timeline above)
  • The financial proposal should :
    • Provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees related to the consultant and/or associate consultant who will take part in the final evaluation of the project.
    • Include all expenses (transport cost; per diems, stationeries, and supplies) related to all the different phases of the assignment.
    • Include all expenses related to Dissemination of reports to Plan and stakeholders.
  • A PDF scanned copy of the tender cover letter signed by an authorized officer of the consultancy team outlining the contents of the tender documents

The above information should be forwarded to tenders.ireland@plan-international.org before 5pm GMT on February 23rd, 2015. Emails containing tender documents should have the subject: “Tender for the EQuIP Final Evaluation”. Tenders and other e-mails sent to this address will not be open until after this date.

Alternatively tender documents can also be posted to Plan Ireland. Tender documents submitted by post should be in a sealed envelope and should be addressed to the EQuIP Final Evaluation Tender Committ, Plan Ireland, 126 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

If you have any queries about the tender process or would like to request a pack of related project information please e-mail Lorraine.otoole@plan-international.org or call Lorraine O’ Toole on +353 6599601 before the closing date.

The contract shall be awarded on the basis of expertise and experience as well as cost and adherence to necessary time frame. The successful consultancy firm will be notified by March 16th. The team must be available to begin the assignment immediately and complete it by September 30th 2015.