Sponsor a child in 2016

Don't give up something for New Years, give something back.

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New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be about giving up something!

Sponsoring a child with Plan International Ireland is a totally different way of looking at New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of giving up something, you can decide to give something back to a child, and their community.

Child Sponsorship is …

… Community-Changing – Sponsor one child but see an entire community develop. Teachers are trained, schools are improved, girls are empowered, families are strengthened and entire communities are changed for the better.

… Transparent – When you sponsor a child, you will receive regular updates about our work in the community, cards and pictures from your child and you can even visit your sponsored child in their community. All open, all honest, all transparent.

… Personal – Only you will be sponsoring your child. It’s a real, personal and tangible relationship that will develop over time. Whether by letter, post-card or photo, you will both learn about each other’s lives in a special way.


Plan International is a global children’s organisation that is making a positive impact in the lives of 81 million children in over 86,000 communities around the world. One of the best ways for us and for you to make an immediate and lasting improvement to the lives of the world’s poorest children is by sponsoring one child in one community.

When you sponsor a child, your contribution goes straight to the heart of that child’s community. Your sponsorship ensures your sponsored child  has the chance to go to school, to eat a healthy meal each day, to be safe and healthy and to have a roof over their head and food in their belly.

Join us in 2016 and see what a difference you can make in the life of a child in need. It’s the best new year’s resolution you make.



A Welcome Pack, introducing you to your sponsored child and family. The real starting point of your journey.


An Annual Update with new photos of your sponsored child and their family, news from the community and much, much more.


Letters and gifts back
and forth to your sponsored child, through which you can build a unique relationship.


General Sponsorship Form

  • You can choose to sponsor a child with Plan in any of our priority countries - all unique, all with committed Plan people on the ground and all in need of your sponsorship today.
  • If you are adding more than 1 name please use "and" instead of "&"
  • Thanks for your support. It is so valuable to us and that’s why we ask your permission to update you from time to time to let you know how you are / can support our work. Select simply 'All' if happy to do so.


Any questions, please call on freefone 1800 829 829. We can set up your sponsorship for you in 2 minutes if that would be easier!