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Dualta Roughneen
Head of Programmes
Dualta joined Plan International Ireland in 2009 after completing a Masters in Human Rights in UCD. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, having graduated from UCG in 2001, and working as an engineer on the roads for a few years. Since 2003, Dualta has worked as an engineer in humanitarian and development programmes in Ethiopia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Sudan and Liberia. Dualta has worked with Plan International’s teams in Ethiopia, Cameroon, the Philippines, Nepal, Sierra Leone, CAR and the Sahel in responding to all types of crises. He was appointed as Plan International Ireland’s Head of Programmes in February 2016. In his limited spare time outside work, Dualta runs marathons, plays football, watches football, reads the news and thinks about writing the great Irish novel. He is published by Bennion Kearny (2014), “North Korea: On the Inside Looking In” and by CSP (2010) “The Right to Roam: Travellers and Human Rights in the Modern Nation State”, (2017) “Humanitarian Subsidiarity: A New Principle?”, (2021) “The Pope and the World: The Thoughts of Pope Benedict XVI”.